A website must be easy to manage

Oprah wants her web site to be easily manageable. She can understand technology but is not a programmer. She wants to manage the web site content on her own. Whether it’s adding a paragraph on a page or removing some old information, she wants to do it on her own.

A website should be dynamic

She wants the changes that she makes to be reflected immediately. It should be possible to add a new section or link easily. Oprah wants to add photos and Yoga class information. And this should be updated on the web site immediately.

Other features

There are many other things that you may want to add to your website. Such as e-commerce, class booking, better design, and so on. The new web site should allow the addition of all these features. If not right now, then you may want to add them in the near future.

Dynamic content – changes reflect immediately on the website.

Easily make changes – using just a browser and familiar editing tool (similar to Word)

Manage site navigation and sections – the ability to add, remove, or reorder pages or page sections very easily.

Control over design – change the entire website by making changes that are applied over the entire website automatically.

Easily add content such as discussions, class schedules, shopping cart, and so on.

Add photos, videos, graphics, links, and other media easily

Always have full control over the web site

Allow more than one person to manage the website.

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