Web Design

Creating Your Website

I will help you through the entire process.

We will start by looking at some existing websites so I can get a feel of what you want and need to have your website do. I will need to understand your business goals, where you have come from and where you want to go. We will establish specific goals for your website and plan how to accomplish them.

We will take about your brand and what items you have or need to develop. Colors, fonts, graphics, photos, videos, etc. We will need to plan who and how each will get updated or created.

The last major milestone will be the text or copy for each of the web pages. You might already have some great ideas of text to us or it might need to get created from scratch. You can take the responsibility of creating the text or you can ask me to take this on, your choice. I will need to get a complete understanding of your business to do your text writing.

Template / Theme

Our starting point will be an existing template or theme. This will lay out the basic structure of the website. Once one is selected I can begin the creation process of the website. We will spend a fair amount of time making this selection.

The Modern Website

  • Mobile Responsive - Works on your Phone to your Desktop Computer.
  • SEO compliant format - Improves your Goole Search Ranking.
  • Secure - The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.
  • Modern Elements - Storytelling through video, illustrations, and animations.
  • Graphics - Organic, oblique or geometric shapes and patterns.
  • Bold typography - Designers focus a large part of their time on typography alone to optimize the design for legibility and to improve usability.
  • Lots of open space that makes everything easy to read and understand.
  • Photos - Photos - Photos - A picture is worth a Thousand words.
  • Frequently updated with new information. Websites need to be living documents telling your story.
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