Secure connection

Website Security

You no doubt have encountered a message similar to “Your connection is not secure” while browsing the internet. Upon encountering this message your browser refused to display the website that you tried to access. Usually, this message means that your browser tried unsuccessfully to communicate with a web server over a secure connection (https).

If you look into the address bar of your browser, you find that the address of the website you are visiting has a portion appended to it at the beginning. Usually, this is one of either “http” or “https”. HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, it is the standard protocol over which web browsers exchange information with web servers (a protocol is essentially a language understood by the various parties involved). Over HTTP, data is exchanged in plain text i.e. no form of encryption is used at all, and a third party who has access to your network is able to intercept the communication.

This has become increasingly important because Google will soon be reducing your search ranking if you are not running a website with a secure connection.


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