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My name is Bruce Baker. I’m a Spokane based Web designer and developer. My Focus is to create websites for small business in the Spokane area. As a freelancer, my overhead is less than larger web design firms so I can charge less while still meeting my personal goals. I can take on the entire process of creating your website or can partner with you so you are more involved in the process. This depends on your time, skills, and desire to be involved.

Websites are Technical

There are hundreds of specifications and options that exist defining how they work.

Websites are Visual

They speak to us through photos, graphics, fonts, designs, and colors. The proper mix of those can be very appealing or make a website very hard to understand.

Websites are Information

Their goal is to convey a message about the person, group or company that is accurate and meaningful. Details need to be presented in an easy to follow manner while providing as much information as is appropriate.

Call to Action

Their purpose is to get the contact form filled out, the email to be sent, the phone to ring, or the information to be provided.

Your Website defines how the world sees you. It is often the first impression your customers have about you. It can be your single most powerful marketing tool. A well-designed website will lift up your image, promote your brand and make you money.

My experience and skills will allow me to put together the website that you need to meet your personal or business objectives.

Fully Responsive Web Design

Give me a call and I will come by so we can discuss your website needs. I will let you know my recommendations about your website and what it will cost to complete. No Cost or Obligation to You.

About Me

Service Spokane with over 30 years of Technology based experience focused on online business solutions.

Web Design

First impressions are critical on Websites and business in general. Together we can decide on the best options for your website.

Web Development

Using standards-based tools like WordPress and Joomla I can put together an easily maintained website that will last you years to come.

Sample Website Designs

Once completed your website needs to get noticed. Using Search Ranking tools, Social Media, Marketing, and Advertising we can get the job done for your Business.


These are some of the tools and concepts that I will use to put together your website.

Support / Maintainence

Together we will pull together the bits and pieces to make your website tell your story. Photos, videos, graphics, testimonials, history, branding, and wording.

Serving The Spokane Area

The Modern Website

  • Mobile Responsive - Works on your Phone to your Desktop Computer.
  • SEO compliant format - Improves your Goole Search Ranking.
  • Secure - The usage of SSL technology ensures that all data transmitted between the web server and browser remains encrypted.
  • Modern Elements - Storytelling through video, illustrations, and animations.
  • Graphics - Organic, oblique or geometric shapes and patterns.
  • Bold typography - Designers focus a large part of their time on typography alone to optimize the design for legibility and to improve usability.
  • Lots of open space that makes everything easy to read and understand.
  • Photos - Photos - Photos - A picture is worth a Thousand words.
  • Frequently updated with new information. Websites need to be living documents telling your story.

Let's Get in touch

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